AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
29 hours1.27.2Étienne Deparis
8 days1.27.1Étienne Deparis
9 days1.27.0Étienne Deparis
2019-05-101.26.5Étienne Deparis
2019-04-301.26.4Étienne Deparis
2019-04-151.26.3Étienne Deparis
2019-04-101.26.0Étienne Deparis
2019-03-141.25.3Étienne Deparis
2019-02-201.25.2Étienne Deparis
2019-02-151.25.1Étienne Deparis
2019-02-121.25.0Étienne Deparis
2019-01-281.24.2Étienne Deparis
2019-01-031.24.0Étienne Deparis
2018-12-01Protect compilation by removing CCACHEÉtienne Deparis
2018-11-191.23.3Étienne Deparis
2018-10-091.22.3Étienne Deparis
2018-09-301.22.2Étienne Deparis
2018-09-211.22.0Étienne Deparis
2018-08-121.21.3Étienne Deparis
2018-08-011.21.2Étienne Deparis
2018-07-181.21.1Étienne Deparis
2018-07-161.21.0Étienne Deparis
2018-06-25Add pulseaudio to makedependsÉtienne Deparis
2018-06-121.20.2Étienne Deparis
2018-06-06Cleanup some namcap warnings and refactor a bit the PKGBUILDÉtienne Deparis
2018-06-061.20.1Étienne Deparis
2018-05-30Upgrade to 1.20.0Étienne Deparis
2018-05-07Update pkgÉtienne Deparis
2018-03-29New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-03-21New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-02-15New release 1.18.0, built upon Firefox 58.0.2Étienne Deparis
2018-01-05New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-01-05Disable some compilation options to speedup buildÉtienne Deparis
2017-12-14New cliqz versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-12-09Cleanup useless build options, use another bunch of system libs, reducing ↵Étienne Deparis
overall package size
2017-12-08New 1.17.1 using upstream tag as a source. Use system libs and hardening ↵Étienne Deparis
when pertinent
2017-12-05New release 1.17.1Étienne Deparis
2017-11-29New release 1.17.0Étienne Deparis
2017-11-19New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2017-11-06New upstream version (cliqz 1.16.1, ff 52.0.1)Étienne Deparis
2017-11-03Update .SRCINFOPhilipp Claßen
2017-11-03Bump pkgrel to force a rebuildPhilipp Claßen
2017-11-03Updated hash of 1.16.0.tar.gz.Philipp Claßen
Diffing the contents of the old and current tar.gz showed a difference in mozilla-release/addon-sdk/source/python-lib/cuddlefish/ @@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ # ( # these strings will be replaced by git during git-archive -git_refnames = " (tag: 1.16.0, release)" +git_refnames = " (tag: 1.16.0)" git_full = "59443956a2a6ff066f4101db75ea06052942136d"
2017-10-18New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2017-10-15Add another patch to stabilize buildÉtienne Deparis
2017-09-18New cliqz release. Update various patches from archlinux firefox buildÉtienne Deparis
2017-09-06New release 1.15.0Étienne Deparis
2017-08-02Replace cargo by rust as build dependancyÉtienne Deparis
2017-07-31Fix cliqz.desktop file exec line to allow url opening from other app. Fix ↵Étienne Deparis
2017-07-10New version 1.14.1Philipp Claßen