AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-20Changed path for completionsmahid
2023-02-19Updated .SRCINFOmahid
2023-02-19Revert "Added result name for bash completions"mahid
2023-02-19Added result name for bash completionsmahid
2023-02-19Fixed bash completions path again cause I'm stupidmahid
2023-02-19Fixed bash completions pathmahid
2023-02-19fixed pathmahid
2023-02-19Fixed the use of the wrong completion script for Zshmahid
2023-02-19added -i for sedmahid
2023-02-19Added fix for the sed commandmahid
2023-02-19Fixed unterminated s commandmahid
2023-02-19Fixed formatting and sed commandmahid
2023-02-19Added sed for sudo to doas and zsh completion installationmahid
2023-02-19Added completions to PKGBUILDmahid
2023-02-19Removed dependency on bash-completionmahid
2023-02-19Created first packagemahid