AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-25updated cmaptools md5sum in PKGBUILDpescepalla
2019-03-25switch to java8 if neededpescepalla
2019-03-25cmaptools needs java 7 or 8pescepalla
2019-03-25forcing java 8 environmentpescepalla
2019-02-24removed unused makedeps: removed inetools and unzippescepalla
2019-02-20added SRCINFO filepescepalla
2019-02-20updated PKGBUILD to version 6.03.01pescepalla
2017-02-04Add updated SRCINFORomain Porte
2017-02-04Add PWD fixRomain Porte
2017-02-04Improve dependencies using chrootRomain Porte
2017-01-19Initial commitRomain Porte