AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-09-03bump to 3.9.5Eric Engestrom
2019-08-05make sure the version is always validEric Engestrom
2019-07-19bump for 3.9.4Eric Engestrom
2019-07-19fold prepare() into build()Eric Engestrom
This avoids running `configure` again when the package is already built.
2019-06-18bump for 3.9.2Eric Engestrom
2018-12-18update to 2.0Eric Engestrom
2018-12-18tighten the dependency on libcmbEric Engestrom
2018-12-18HACK: put DESTDIR inside the prefix as it's the only solution supported on BSDEric Engestrom
2018-11-13fix pkgbaseEric Engestrom
2018-11-13initial commit - v1.4.1Eric Engestrom