AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate to version 148Iwan Timmer
2017-07-21Update to version 146Iwan Timmer
2017-07-01Update to version 144Iwan Timmer
2017-06-30Update to version 143Iwan Timmer
2017-06-20Update to version 142Iwan Timmer
2017-06-09Update to version 142Iwan Timmer
2017-06-03Update to version 141Iwan Timmer
2017-05-15Update to version 140Iwan Timmer
2017-04-14Update version to 138Iwan Timmer
2017-04-07Update to version 137Iwan Timmer
2017-03-27Update to version 136Iwan Timmer
2017-01-25Update to version 129Iwan Timmer
2017-01-12Update to version 128Iwan Timmer
2016-11-25Update to version 125Iwan Timmer
2016-11-01Update to version 122Iwan Timmer
2016-10-29Update to version 121Iwan Timmer
2016-10-03Update to version 119Iwan Timmer
2016-09-29Update to version 118Iwan Timmer
2016-07-21Update to version 0.115Iwan Timmer
2016-07-13Update to version 0.114Iwan Timmer
2016-05-17Update to version 0.106Iwan Timmer
2016-04-05Update to version 0.100Iwan Timmer
2016-03-16Update to version 0.97Iwan Timmer
2016-03-02Update to version 0.95Iwan Timmer
2016-02-10Update to version 0.94Iwan Timmer
2016-02-03Use /var directory instead of /usr/varIwan Timmer
2016-01-31Update to version 0.93Iwan Timmer
2016-01-21Update to version 0.92Iwan Timmer
2016-01-06Update to version 0.90Iwan Timmer
2015-12-08Update to version 0.86Iwan Timmer
2015-11-21Fix remotectl missing selinux issueIwan Timmer
2015-11-20Add support for armIwan Timmer
2015-11-20Update to version 0.84Iwan Timmer
2015-10-08Update to version 0.79Iwan Timmer
2015-10-06Update to version 0.78Iwan Timmer
2015-09-19Update to version 0.76Iwan Timmer
2015-09-14Update to version 0.75Iwan Timmer
2015-09-02Update to version 0.73Iwan Timmer
2015-08-09Update to version 0.69Iwan Timmer
2015-07-16Update to version 0.65Iwan Timmer
2015-06-10Initial commit of Cockpit packageIwan Timmer