AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-24Update to first official release, 1.000Lennard Hofmann
2020-09-24Remove conflict between OTF and TTFLennard Hofmann
caleb asked for this
2020-09-09New upstream changesLennard Hofmann
2020-05-15New upstream commitsLennard Hofmann
2020-04-17Update to newest commit; Put $pkgrel in downloaded source nameLennard Hofmann
Source name must be unique so that makepkg downloads the new source when $pkgrel increases.
2020-02-27Remove dependenciesLennard Hofmann
2020-02-22OFL is treated as a common licenseLennard Hofmann
2020-02-16Shorten pkgdescLennard Hofmann
2020-02-16Initial commitLennard Hofmann