AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
4 daysBump version to 0.1.7nroi
14 daysAdd ARM architectures for ArchlinuxARMnroi
2019-09-15Update pkgvernroi
2019-09-15Push version to 0.1.6nroi
2019-09-11Bump version to 0.1.5nroi
2019-08-18Fix sha256sumsnroi
2019-08-18Remove space in mkdirnroi
2019-08-18Various fixes required by Elixir 1.9nroi
See also:
2019-04-27Add missing repositoriesnroi
2019-04-23Use tagged releases, starting with 0.1.0nroi
2019-04-23Remove unused environment variablenroi
2019-04-19Bump pkgvernroi
2019-04-19Adapt PKGBUILD to changes in github reponroi
2018-10-19Don't fail if directory already existsnroi
2018-05-06Create directory 'state'nroi
2018-05-06Do not create useless mnesia directorynroi
2018-05-06Fix path for TOML filenroi
2018-05-06Add ExecStopnroi
The default kill method does not cause a clean shutdown of the erlang node. When running "systemctl restart cpcache", Erlang complains that a node with the given name already exists.
2018-05-05Update sha256sumnroi
2018-05-05Update .srcinfonroi
2017-12-26Adapt to changes from upstreamnroi
2017-04-21Replace yaml by TOMLnroi
2017-04-08Bump versionnroi
2017-04-08Move yaml file to /etc/cpcachenroi
2017-04-08Remove script to create databasenroi
Will be done upon first startup.
2017-04-03Create .mix in temporary dir instead of $HOMEnroi
2017-02-24Increase timeout, again!nroi
2017-02-24Update systemd service filenroi
Increase timeout. Accept 143 as exit code.
2017-02-23Remove waitforfile dependencynroi
2017-02-22Update pkgvernroi
2017-02-22Bump pkgvernroi
2017-02-05Minor change in service filenroi
2017-01-29Set correct environment in systemd service filenroi
2017-01-29Clear warningsnroi
2017-01-01Minor fixnroi
2017-01-01Update to changes from upstreamnroi
2016-12-29Modify service file: Ensure clean shutdownnroi
2016-12-27Adapt to upstream changesnroi
2016-12-27Adapt PKGBUILD to changes from upstreamnroi
2016-12-19Update .SRCINFOnroi
2016-12-19Minor fixnroi
2016-12-18Initial commitnroi