AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-03Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2018-01-16Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-11-28Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-11-16Version bump, and no longer support 32bitAndrew O'Neill
2017-10-19Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-09-19Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-08-31Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-08-15Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-08-11Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-08-09Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-07-26Update versionAndrew O'Neill
2017-07-19Update SRCINFOAndrew O'Neill
2017-07-19Update version to 2.0.5Andrew O'Neill
2017-07-19Attempt to stop the crate service prior to removing the crate userAndrew O'Neill
2017-07-19Change EnvironmentFile, and remove unnecessary parameterAndrew O'Neill
2017-07-19Rename crate to crate.envAndrew O'Neill
2017-06-26Update to 1.1.6crate
2017-06-11Update to 1.1.5crate
2017-06-06Update to 1.1.4crate
2017-05-12Update to 1.1.3crate
2017-05-12Update to 1.1.3crate
2017-05-11Update to 1.1.3crate
2017-05-11Update to 1.1.3crate
2017-04-11Update to 1.1.2crate
2017-04-06Update to 1.0.6crate
2017-03-15Update to 1.0.5crate
2017-02-27Update to 1.0.4crate
2017-02-13Update to 1.0.3crate
2017-01-11Update to 1.0.2crate
2016-12-14Update to 1.0.1crate
2016-12-13Update to 0.57.6crate
2016-12-07Update to 0.57.5crate
2016-12-02Update to 0.57.4crate
2016-11-21Update to 0.56.4crate
2016-10-26Update to 0.56.3crate
2016-10-17Update to 0.56.2crate
2016-10-17Update to 0.55.7crate
2016-10-12Update to 0.55.6crate
2016-09-20Update to 0.55.5crate
2016-08-17Update to 0.55.4crate
2016-08-12Update to 0.55.3crate
2016-07-12Update to 0.55.2crate
2016-06-27Update to 0.54.11crate
2016-06-27Update to 0.54.10crate
2016-06-08Update to 0.54.9crate
2016-06-03Update to 0.54.9crate
2016-04-14Update to 0.54.8crate
2016-03-14Update to 0.54.7crate
2016-03-01Update to 0.54.6crate
2016-02-15Update to 0.54.5crate