AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-10Fixed license destination, apologies for the extra version bump.Aaron J. Graves
2020-10-31Update to 0.31.0Aaron J. Graves
2020-10-17Update to 0.30.4Aaron J. Graves
2020-10-03Update to 0.30.3Aaron J. Graves
2020-09-17Update to 0.30.2Aaron J. Graves
2020-08-04Update to 0.30.1Aaron J. Graves
2020-07-28Update to 0.30.0Aaron J. Graves
2020-07-09Update to 0.29.4Aaron J. Graves
2020-07-04Update to 0.29.2Aaron J. Graves
2020-06-12Update to 0.29.1Aaron J. Graves
2020-05-26Update PKGBUILD to better handle situations like what just happened.Aaron J. Graves
2020-05-26Bump pkg version, Criptext appears to hvae changed the AppImage in a way that...Aaron J. Graves
2020-05-21Update to 0.29.0Aaron J. Graves
2020-05-08Update to 0.28.5Aaron J. Graves
2020-04-26Update to 0.28.4Aaron J. Graves
2020-04-17Update to 0.28.3Aaron J. Graves
2020-04-03Update to 0.28.2Aaron J. Graves
2020-04-01Update to 0.28.1Aaron J. Graves
2020-03-15Updated dependencies to account for libsecret and gnome keyringAaron J. Graves
2020-03-13Attempt to fix reported problem with prepare() statementAaron J. Graves
2020-03-13Update to 0.28.0Aaron J. Graves
2020-03-08Update to 0.27.5Aaron J. Graves
2020-03-06Update to 0.27.4Aaron J. Graves
2020-02-22Update to 0.27.3Aaron J. Graves
2020-02-11Update to 0.27.1Aaron J. Graves
2020-01-20Update to 0.26.8Aaron J. Graves
2020-01-13Update to 0.26.7Aaron J. Graves
2020-01-09Update to 0.26.6, PKGBUILD improvementsAaron J. Graves
2020-01-07Update to 0.26.5, some PKGBUILD improvementsAaron J. Graves
2019-12-14Update to 0.26.4Aaron J. Graves
2019-12-02Update to 0.26.3Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-21Update to 0.26.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-21Update to 0.26.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-14Update to 0.25.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-06Update to 0.24.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-18Updated to 0.23.11Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-15Updated to 0.23.10Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-26Updated to 0.23.9Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-24Updated to 0.23.8Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-16Update to 0.23.7Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-11Update to 0.23.6Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-09Update to 0.23.5Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-28Update to 0.23.4Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-27Updated the package to provide a better end-user experience. Thanks Tio for y...Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-23Update to 0.23.3Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-19Update to 0.23.2Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-12Update to 0.23.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-06Update to 0.22.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-05Update to 0.22.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-26Update to 0.21.0Aaron J. Graves