AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate to 0.26.3Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-21Update to 0.26.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-21Update to 0.26.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-14Update to 0.25.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-11-06Update to 0.24.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-18Updated to 0.23.11Aaron J. Graves
2019-10-15Updated to 0.23.10Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-26Updated to 0.23.9Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-24Updated to 0.23.8Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-16Update to 0.23.7Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-11Update to 0.23.6Aaron J. Graves
2019-09-09Update to 0.23.5Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-28Update to 0.23.4Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-27Updated the package to provide a better end-user experience. Thanks Tio for y...Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-23Update to 0.23.3Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-19Update to 0.23.2Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-12Update to 0.23.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-06Update to 0.22.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-08-05Update to 0.22.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-26Update to 0.21.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-21Update to 0.20.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-16Update to 0.19.1Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-09Update to 0.19.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-08Fixed invalid checksum. Sorry about that.Aaron J. Graves
2019-07-08Update to 0.18.0Aaron J. Graves
2019-06-28Update to 0.17.23Aaron J. Graves
2019-06-27Update to 0.17.22Aaron J. Graves
2019-06-24Update to 0.17.21Aaron J. Graves
2019-06-19Update to 0.17.19Aaron J. Graves
2019-05-12No use in duplicating efforts; post_upgrade simply calls post_install since i...Aaron J. Graves
2019-04-30Added post_upgrade section to install file so that upgrading from an earlier ...Aaron J. Graves
2019-04-30Removed unused section of install fileAaron J. Graves
2019-04-30Update to 0.17.15Aaron J. Graves
2019-04-30New method for adding symlink to /usr/local/bin for the packageAaron J. Graves
2019-04-23Updated to 0.17.14Aaron J. Graves
2019-04-22Really fixed the package build process this time. Sorry.Aaron J. Graves
2019-04-22Fixed the PKGBUILD to use the actual version of the file for download, and up...Aaron J. Graves
2019-04-21Initial commit to AURAaron J. Graves