AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-20Fix python site pathNicolas F
2018-11-02Remove extraneous "tests" moduleNicolas F
2018-11-02Remove extraneous files in packageNicolas F
2018-09-28Upstream update to v0.9.1Nicolas F
2018-05-02Upstream update to v0.9Nicolas F
2017-05-28Upstream update to v0.8.1Nicolas F
2017-03-10Upstream update to v0.8Nicolas F
2016-08-09Upstream update to v0.7Nicolas F
2016-07-02Upstream update to v0.6Nicolas F
2016-06-15Upstream update to v0.5.2Nicolas F
2016-05-17Upstream update to v0.5.1Nicolas F
2016-04-28Upstream update to v0.5Nicolas F
2016-02-14Upstream update to v0.4Nicolas F
2015-11-16Upstream release of v0.3Nicolas F
2015-10-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// F
2015-10-03Upstream updateNicolas F
2015-10-03Upstream updateNicolas F
2015-10-02Upstream tag changesNicolas F
2015-10-02Update to release 0.2Nicolas F
2015-09-15Add bash completionNicolas F
2015-09-15Add minor bugfix patch from upstreamNicolas F
2015-09-03Initial CommitNicolas F