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2017-10-26daala-git: wxgtk2 replaces wxgtk3 in makedependsNarrat
Stream analyzer is using wxgtk2. Misguided by a commit message, where they made changes for wxgtk 3.x series and not for wxgtk3.
2017-09-02daala: Fix wxgtk depNarrat
2017-09-02daala: add libogg as depNarrat
Fixing compiling issue which was noticed by Martchus, who also offered a solution. Additionally, also due to Martchus' analysis, libpng and libjpeg-turbo got moved into optdepends
2015-09-29daala: dep on libogg got removedNarrat
2015-09-29daala: Fix clone URLNarrat
2015-08-11daala: Remove obsolte configure optionNarrat
Fixed by upstream
2015-08-09daala: Update PKGBUILDNarrat
2015-08-09Adopted AUR3 packageNarrat