AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-09-23Use new domainRafael Fontenelle
2022-08-05Fix and simplify getsizes.shRafael Fontenelle
2022-07-11Remove Tutorial.mapRafael Fontenelle
This map is now package in DDNet Client
2022-07-11Remove PKGEXT replacementRafael Fontenelle
Zstandard is default package compression for more than an year, so it is probably safe to bet that users of this package don't have XZ compression set.
2021-03-26Fix conflict with ddnetRafael Fontenelle
2021-02-11Update to r1387.gb0700637Rafael Fontenelle
2021-02-07Include 'fun' map typeRafael Fontenelle
Remove _name variable Use dynamic typelist instead of fixed one
2020-10-12Update to r1319.g9a8bd3bfRafael Fontenelle
2020-10-06Update Maintainer Name/EmailEdgar
2020-08-24Update to r1289.gc3ac2521Rafael Fontenelle
2020-02-14Update to r1225.gbba7abb1Rafael Fontenelle
2019-03-17Add .gitignoreRafael Fontenelle
2019-03-17Update to r1120.ga2dd7213Rafael Fontenelle
2018-12-24Remove replaces teeworlds-ddnetRafael Fontenelle
Passed 1 year and 3 months already. See first commit
2018-08-08Update to r1049.g454e288bRafael Fontenelle
2018-04-03Update to r1015.g1e5822bRafael Fontenelle remove xz extensionRafael Fontenelle
2018-02-07Update to r1000.g2d3ef65Rafael Fontenelle
2018-02-02Disable XZ compressionRafael Fontenelle
Because this package very big, it takes a very long time to compress with XZ compression. By disabling it, and using only pkg.tar file format, the size of the tarball increases in 200MB (from 400MB to 600MB) but the compression time decreses drastically. It seems to be a good trade-off.
2018-02-02Make maps available for the clientRafael Fontenelle
In spite of having maps installed, the client wouldn't find them because they were not localed at /usr/share/ddnet/data/maps/ (sub-directories doesn't count). Therefore, the client would download each map in runtime to ~/.teeworlds/downloadedmaps/. Now a symlink was created pointing the actual map file, so the client will not downloaded maps anymore, unless a map was changed or you don't have it at all - it means you should update this -git package).
2018-01-23Update to r995.g2213cc6Rafael Fontenelle adapt output for python-markdown syntaxRafael Fontenelle
2018-01-14Update to r991.g7277cccRafael Fontenelle
2017-12-10Update to r982.gf372444Rafael Fontenelle
2017-09-24Add Insane mapsRafael Fontenelle
Also order types alphabetically
2017-09-24Update to r963.g21e1ca0Rafael Fontenelle
Also add provides/conflicts/replaces
2017-09-01Initial commitRafael Fontenelle
Renaming "teewords-ddnet-maps-git" to "ddnet-maps-git"