AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-10-08 Bump to 0.7.r0.g1c51271Yen Chi Hsuan
Don't download Boost license anymore as it's included in core/licenses 20171006-1.
2016-06-14 Bump and update dependsYen Chi Hsuan
2015-03-12Add check-github.shYen Chi Hsuan
2015-01-26Namcap fixesYen Chi Hsuan
2014-12-27Update bypy, dhcptest and jpexsYen Chi Hsuan
bypy requires new dependencies jpexs requires jdk8 now PS: It uses String.join
2014-10-31Use https instead of git for dhcptest and thrift-baseYen Chi Hsuan
2014-10-21Add git or hg as makedependsYen Chi Hsuan
2014-07-23Update dhcptestYen Chi Hsuan
2014-06-20Fix pkgver() of dhcptest-gitYen Chi Hsuan
2014-06-20Add dhcptest-gitYen Chi Hsuan