AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-31digitalocean-synchronize 2.7-1Gavin Li
tracking a096e6a on upstream
2017-12-23digitalocean-synchronize 2.6-3Gavin Li
tracking d15ba5e on upstream
2017-07-23digitalocean-synchronize 2.6-2Gavin Li
tracking 98857e6 on upstream
2017-06-10digitalocean-synchronize 2.6-1Gavin Li
tracking f0022c5 on upstream
2015-07-10aur: Prepare for AUR packageKyle Manna
* This copied from the upstream repository and unfortunately history is lost as every commit needs to include a .SRCINFO file. * Add .SRCINFO to Makefile * Update .gitignore to ignore src tarballs