AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
4 daysbump version to 1.2.0-Release.147zjuyk
7 days[updpkg]: dingtalk-bin
13 daysUse svg as the iconzhullyb
13 daysbump version to 1.2.0-Release.140zjuyk
2021-12-25add icoutils to makedependsyjun
2021-12-25fix desktop iconyjun
ico format is not supported by the standard.\#Common_image_formats
2021-12-15update to
2021-12-01Fix the problem of startup failurezhullyb
2021-11-29fix logozjuyk
2021-11-29bump version to
2021-10-26update to
2021-09-13bump version to
2021-09-06remove unused exe,tidy pathSukanka
2021-09-06use local license filezjuyk
2021-09-06Remove checksums for service-termszhullyb
2021-09-06update to
2021-09-06fix checksumszhullyb
2021-09-06Update to
2021-09-01license: add service-terms-zhyjun
2021-09-01udpkg: dingtalk-bin
2021-08-30Add glu into dependszhullyb
2021-08-25Update to
2021-08-23Update to
2021-08-18Update to
2021-08-12Replace com.alibabainc.dingtalk Nowzhullyb
2021-08-12Dingtalk Beta Nowzhullyb