AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-08version 0.7.3-2: depend on mbedtls2Allen Wild
2021-01-10rebase patch and fix buildAllen Wild
2021-01-09Merge v0.7.3-1Allen Wild
2020-11-18New upstream release 0.7.3mrxx
2020-01-030.7.1-2: add Win10 1903 patch, fix URLAllen Wild
2019-07-23Add include path to ruby-2.6.0 in order to prevent compilation issues on some...mrxx
2019-06-06Update package description and upstream urlmrxx
2019-03-31First release of dislocker-noruby: 0.7.1-1Allen Wild
2017-02-09Updated sha1sum which changed due to re-upload of upstream with same version ...mrxx
2017-02-08New upstream release 0.7.1mrxx
2017-01-11Fixed potential compilation issue due to useless warningsmrxx
2016-03-13New upstream release 0.6.1mrxx
2016-01-06New upstream release 0.5.1mrxx
2015-09-28Fixed regression caused by transition from polarssl to mbedtlsmrxx
2015-07-08Initial importmrxx