AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-10gcc-10.3.0Andris Pavenis
2020-07-24Update to gcc-10.2.0Andris Pavenis
2020-05-17New revision for gcc-10.1 cross-compilerAndris Pavenis
2020-05-08gcc-10.1.0Andris Pavenis
2020-04-11Update to gcc-9.3.0Andris Pavenis
2019-08-20Update to gcc-9.2.0 [9.2.0-1]Andris Pavenis
2019-05-12Update to gcc-9.1.0 [9.1.0-1]Andris Pavenis
2019-03-12Update to gcc-8.3.0Andris Pavenis
2018-08-03LTO and debug info related fix from Jan Willem JagersmaAndris Pavenis
2018-07-27Update to gcc-8.2.0Andris Pavenis
2018-05-10Update to gcc-8.1.0Andris Pavenis
2018-01-26Update to gcc-7.3.0Andris Pavenis
2018-01-20Update .SRCINFO (forgoten from previous commit)Andris Pavenis
2017-12-15Update to gcc-7.2.0Andris Pavenis
* apply DJGPP related changes for gcc * build also Ada, Fortran, Objective-C and Objective-C++ compilers * require djgpp-djcrx (one can use djgpp-djcrx-bootstrap for initial build instead)
2017-08-04[upd] 6.1.0→7.1.0Carsten Teibes
2016-05-02Use rm -r instead of rm -f to remove "fixed" includesfelix
2016-04-30Bump pkgrel (6.1.0-3)felix
2016-04-30Apply the xmmintrin.h patchfelix
2016-04-30Prepare for package splittingfelix
2016-04-30Drop headers generated by fixincludesfelix
2016-04-29Bump pkgrel (6.1.0-2)felix
2016-04-29Enable libstdc++felix
2016-04-27Version 6.1.0-1felix
Additional changes: * isl 0.16.1 * cloog 0.18.4 * enable LTO * drop dependency on djgpp-djcrx-bootstrap
2016-03-285.3.0-2: build-depend on djgpp-djcrx-bootstrapfelix
2016-03-28Reformat PKGBUILDfelix
2016-03-24Version 5.3.0-1felix
2015-09-06Initial version: 5.2.0-1felix