AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-03Update to v2.1.2Sherlock Holo
2019-03-24Update to 2.0.1Sherlock Holo
2019-03-24Update to 2.0.0Sherlock Holo
2018-12-07Fix systemd serviceSherlock Holo
2018-12-07Add environment variable in build()Sherlock Holo
2018-12-07Separate client and serverSherlock Holo
2018-12-07Fix sourceSherlock Holo
2018-12-05Fix pkgverSherlock Holo
2018-12-05Update srcinfoSherlock Holo
2018-12-05Update to v1.4.2Sherlock Holo
2018-06-04Update to 1.3.6Sherlock Holo
2018-04-17Update to new versionSherlock Holo
2018-04-17UpdateSherlock Holo
2018-04-03Add armv7h archSherlock Holo
2018-04-03Update to 1.1.4Sherlock Holo
2018-03-26Bump versionSherlock Holo
2017-12-19Update to 1.0.1Sherlock Holo
2017-12-19Fix a build bugSherlock Holo
2017-12-16Fix a bugSherlock Holo
2017-12-16Add backupSherlock Holo
2017-12-16Add dns-over-httpsSherlock Holo