AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-12-29bump version to 0.17Felix Morgner
2018-08-25update to new upstream releaseFelix Morgner
Thanks to @opippi for the libexec_dir patch!
2018-03-30bump version to 0.15Felix Morgner
2017-11-18fix OpenSSL 1.1 compatibilityFelix Morgner
Thanks to @discostar for the patch!
2017-11-18bump version to 0.14Felix Morgner
2017-01-18remove gtk-update-icon-cache invocation completelyFelix Morgner
2017-01-17remove superfluous icon-theme.cacheFelix Morgner
2017-01-17update srcinfoFelix Morgner
2017-01-17fix gtk-update-icon-cache invocationFelix Morgner
2017-01-17bump version to 0.13Felix Morgner
2016-10-07fix libexec pathsMantas Mikul─Śnas
2015-08-08initial commitMantas Mikul─Śnas