AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-23pkgrel: Build without DockerKyle Manna
* Thanks to @z3ntu from AUR.
2019-12-07release: do-agent v3.5.6Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream * It seems that setting the version fixes some issues.
2019-08-10release: do-agent v3.5.5Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2019-07-21release: do-agent v3.5.2Kyle Manna
* Include srcinfo this time.
2019-07-21release: do-agent v3.5.2Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2019-04-20release: do-agent v2.1.4Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream * Add docker as make dependency, drop go
2019-04-13PKGBUILD: Clean-up misc stuffKyle Manna
* No functional changes.
2019-04-13release: do-agent v2.1.3Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2017-08-17release: do-agent v0.5.1Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2017-06-05release: v0.4.13 releasedKyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2017-05-16release: v0.4.12 releasedKyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2017-05-04release: v0.4.11 releasedKyle Manna
* Follow upstream
2017-04-04release: do-agent v0.4.10Kyle Manna
* Follow upstream.
2017-02-28pkgrel: Fix systemd service pathKyle Manna
* Fix service path to now natively binary
2017-02-28release: Add SRCINFO for v0.4.7Kyle Manna
* Oops
2017-02-28release: do-agent 0.4.7Kyle Manna
* Build the package now thanks to alzeih <>
2016-12-29pkgrel: v0.4.6-2Kyle Manna
* Fix miscellaneous install details * Add systemd file that works on Arch * Delete extraneous init system
2016-12-29pkg: Initial releaseKyle Manna
* First build.