AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-07add check() functionEric Engestrom
2019-05-07bump for v7Eric Engestrom
2019-04-05bump for v6Eric Engestrom
2018-11-13bump to reflect cairo drop and new features (try `-P`!)Eric Engestrom
2018-11-13use fixed hash lengthEric Engestrom
2017-05-28update to 5.1+1.gbf13f4a-1Eric Engestrom
2017-04-26update to 3.1+3.g051747e-1Eric Engestrom
2017-04-26Revert "temp fix until these land upstream"Eric Engestrom
2017-04-25forgot srcinfo in last commitEric Engestrom
2017-04-25fix package descriptionEric Engestrom
2017-04-25temp fix until these land upstreamEric Engestrom
2017-04-25initial commit - version 3.1+0.g25f5e0e-1Eric Engestrom