AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-07-07upgpkg: duckstation-git r4913.24b4be51-1Magnus Boman
update desktop file and icon path
2021-05-05upgpkg: duckstation-git r4442.d3fea7b5-1Magnus Boman
*Install to /opt since upstream doesn't support systemwide installations *Don't change upstream defaults *Fix pkgver() *Use Ninja
2021-05-05Fix translationsAnonymous Coward
2021-05-04Fix build, update depsAnonymous Coward
2021-02-16Fix makedepends arrayAnonymous Coward
2021-02-15Enable Wayland and KMS backends, adjust deps and binary nameAnonymous Coward
2020-09-16Added qt5-tools depAnonymous Coward
2020-05-19Fix binary pathAnonymous Coward
2020-04-26Fix up descriptionAnonymous Coward
2020-04-25Added desktop files for Qt versionAnonymous Coward
2020-04-25First versionAnonymous Coward