AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-20v2.2.2Ian Young
2019-06-05v2.2.1Ian Young
2019-05-06v2.2.0Ian Young
2018-11-12Releave v2.1.2Ian Young
2018-08-06Revert "Cut new release for overwritten 2.1.1 build"Ian Young
2018-08-06Cut new release for overwritten 2.1.1 buildIan Young
2018-08-01Bump version to 2.1.1Ian Young
2018-03-21Bump to version 2.1.0Ian Young
2017-11-26Version bump to 2.0.10Ian Young
2017-09-25Update SRCINFOIan Young
2017-09-25Bump release versionIan Young
2017-09-05Initial commit of duplicacy packageIan Young