AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysWork around issue Moffa
2024-03-13Update to 4.31 (2024-03) and support aarch64Mattia Moffa
2023-12-12Update to 4.30 (2023-12)Mattia Moffa
2023-09-17Update .SRCINFOMattia Moffa
2023-09-17Change java-environment to java-runtimeMattia Moffa
2023-09-17Update to 4.29 (2023-09)Mattia Moffa
2023-07-24Update Java dependency versionMattia Moffa
2023-06-14Update to 4.28 (2023-06)Mattia Moffa
2023-03-15Update .SRCINFOMattia Moffa
2023-03-15Update to 4.27 (2023-03)Mattia Moffa
2022-12-07Update to 4.26 (2022-12)Mattia Moffa
2022-11-10Initial commit: 4.25 (2022-09)Mattia Moffa