AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-22Remove reference to $srcdir and use tags in package versionHaochen Tong
2017-03-25fix package build under pacaurHexchain Tong
2016-12-23upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-10-26upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-03-30add elvish to /etc/shellsHexchain Tong
2016-03-30add glibc as dependsHexchain Tong
2016-03-30upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-02-22fix licenseHexchain Tong
2016-02-22use correct licenseHexchain Tong
2016-02-22cleanup according to latest commitHexchain Tong
2016-02-22fix buildHexchain Tong
2016-02-18Update .SRCINFO.Qi Xiao
2016-02-18Change description; fix license.Qi Xiao
2016-02-16upgpkg: elvish-gitHexchain Tong
2016-02-15initial commitHexchain Tong