AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-02-17Add support to dbus on emacs-daemonManoel Vilela
This should expor variables about dbus in the mean time of start the service. This should not work as service when is started before the X server, however. I use this shit to get notifications working on erc-mode.
2017-10-11Fix format on emacs-openrc.installManoel Vilela
2017-10-10Don't active post_install on post_upgradeManoel Vilela
This is evil. Will rewrite the conf file of the user! D:
2016-11-26Add 'export' keyword prefixed on conf using sedManoel Vilela
This should fix some problems about variables. Actually I have some troubles with package exec-path-from-shell in my notebook. However i don't have the same problem on desktop. Why? On my old setup I used 'export' keyword to declare global variables.
2016-11-25Update package descriptionManoel Vilela
Why this grammar is so bad? WTF
2016-11-25Update relative version and .SRCINFOManoel Vilela
2016-11-25Use source list instead no-extract, add md5sum tooManoel Vilela
2016-11-25Add first version of emacs-openrcManoel Vilela
Ported from gentoo using a simplified version without emacs bin wrapper. I need get some vars to put on defaults, like SHELL, HOME and USER. As the service start as root and the final user is not him, I need do some hacking here. Sorry for this shit :( BTW, in some way, this works.