AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-02-04Upgrading to upstream version 2.2.3Behnam Momeni
2018-01-03Upgrading to upstream version 2.2.1Behnam Momeni
2017-12-13Upgrading to upstream version 2.2.0Behnam Momeni
2017-12-11Upgrading to upstream version 2.1.2Behnam Momeni
2017-01-17Upgrading + Some configuration patchBehnam Momeni
2016-09-14Upgrading to upstream version 1.6.1Behnam Momeni
2015-06-14Switching from sha1sums to sha512sumsBehnam Momeni
2015-06-13Migrating enchant-pure package to AUR4Behnam Momeni