AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-06Incorporate Quotion
2018-10-30Clean up preview-widget patch for GNOME coding standardsQue Quotion
2018-10-15Add preview widgets to epiphany's filechoosersQue Quotion
2018-09-29remove libhttpseverywhere; but why?Que Quotion
2018-09-25Standardize pantheon pkgbuildsQue Quotion
2018-09-25Switch to 'os-patches' git repository versionQue Quotion
2018-08-29Fix bad pkgsum for epiphany-syncQue Quotion
2018-06-23Add r to getops for profile removalQue Quotion
2018-05-09Remove leftover signatureQue Quotion
2018-04-29Add gst-libav as a dependency: needed to watch about a third of all online st...Que Quotion
2018-04-26Use 'arch-meson'; forget about plugins directoryQue Quotion
2018-04-25update to r20Que Quotion
2018-03-14Depend on bzr insteadQue Quotion
2018-03-14make epiphany-sync executableQue Quotion
2018-03-14Include epiphany-sync: Synchronize browser profile to shared memory for faste...Que Quotion
2018-03-12Update to 3.27.90!Que Quotion
2017-05-19Fine tuning; preparing for future maintenanceQue Quotion
2017-05-19initial commit: epiphany with ElementaryOS patchesQue Quotion