AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-20epubcheck: update to 4.2.1Andrew Sun
2019-04-24epubcheck: update man pageAndrew Sun
2019-04-24epubcheck: update to 4.2.0Andrew Sun
2019-03-27epubcheck: fixesAndrew Sun
2019-03-26epubcheck: update to 4.1.1Andrew Sun
2017-01-07updated to 4.0.2James Thomas
2016-06-13fixed build for man fileJames Thomas
2016-06-11minor edits for neatnessJames Thomas
2016-06-11further tweaked PKGBUILD and added a man pageJames Thomas
2016-06-02quick fixJames Thomas
2016-06-02quick fix to installJames Thomas
2016-06-02tidied up PKGBUILD and made it more robustJames Thomas
2016-05-31launcher now explicitly calls bash, general clean-up of PKGBUILDJames Thomas
2016-05-01Inital commitJames Thomas