AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-02-09fixed incorrect pkgsumsChris Cromer
2017-02-06updated upstream systemd versionChris Cromer
2017-01-14updated checksumsChris Cromer
2017-01-14updated to work with newer systemd requirementChris Cromer
2016-10-22upstream changesChris Cromer
2016-10-13updated systemd pkgrel to 4Chris Cromer
2016-10-07changes for upstream pkgrel and i686 gummibootChris Cromer
2016-10-02merged upstream manjaro changesChris Cromer
2016-09-04fixed typoChris Cromer
2016-09-04update to 231Chris Cromer
2016-09-04updated to new versionChris Cromer
2015-06-24initial commit eudev-systemdcompat-211-2udeved