AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-09PKGBUILD: update to version Fricke
2021-10-11PKGBUILD: update to version 3.42.0.r019.g882ebf6d1Silvio Fricke
2021-09-23PKGBUILD: update to version 3.42.0.r010.g067bf117aSilvio Fricke
2021-05-07PKGBUILD: update to version 3.40.0.r043.g13ba9492cSilvio Fricke
2020-06-04PKGBUILD: update to version 3.37.2.r004Silvio Fricke
2018-11-26PKGBUILD: update to version 3.31.2.r010Silvio Fricke
2018-11-12PKGBUILD: update to version 3.31.1.r028Silvio Fricke
2018-10-29PKGBUILD: update to version 3.31.1.r019Silvio Fricke
2018-10-22PKGBUILD: update to version 3.31.1.r014Silvio Fricke
2018-10-15PKGBUILD: update to version 3.31.1.r007Silvio Fricke
2018-10-09PKGBUILD: update to version 3.31.1.r002Silvio Fricke
2018-08-29PKGBUILD: update to version 3.29.92.r001Silvio Fricke
2018-08-29PKGBUILD: change source path to gnomes gitlab instanceSilvio Fricke
2018-08-29gitignore: add file and ignoring *.tar.xz *.tar.gz pkg srcSilvio Fricke
2018-07-20PKGBUILD: remove provided versionSilvio Fricke
2018-07-20PKGBUILD: reformat and ninjaizedSilvio Fricke
2015-06-09Initial importYosef Or Boczko