AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysAdd python dependency due to extrae shipping with python scripts.Joan Bruguera
2019-07-08They have silently released a bugfix without bumping the version nor changelog.Joan Bruguera
2019-07-05Upgrade to 3.7.1 + add patch for making it work with binaries compiled with A...Joan Bruguera
2019-04-10Upgrade to Extrae 3.7.0.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Fix build: Headers and libs must (still) be specified explicitly.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Fix package licenses.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Lint and uniformize BSC package files.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-14Remove dependence on orphaned dyninst AUR package.Joan Bruguera
2019-02-28Initial version.Joan Bruguera