AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-09-01upgpkg: ezra-bible-app 1.2.0-1Caleb Maclennan
upstream release Work around upstream bugs
2021-09-01upgpkg: ezra-bible-app-git 1.2.0.r4.gba4b665-1Caleb Maclennan
upgpkg: ezra-bible-app 1.2.0-1 upstream release Normalize and work and updating (not finished yet)
2021-05-21upgpkg: ezra-bible-app 1.0.0-4Caleb Maclennan
2021-05-21upgpkg: ezra-bible-app 1.0.0-3Caleb Maclennan
2021-04-24upgpkg: ezra-bible-app 1.0.0-2Caleb Maclennan
2021-04-24upgpkg: ezra-bible-app 1.0.0-1Caleb Maclennan
upstream release Drop debug flag from bulid process, leaked from local testing
2021-04-24Rename ezra-project→ezra-bible-app, bump to 1.0.0Caleb Maclennan