AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-07-21v1.55 releaseDmitri Kourennyi
2020-07-21Fix a couple of shellcheck lintsDmitri Kourennyi
2020-05-27Update to v1.54Dmitri Kourennyi
2020-02-02Update to 1.53Dmitri Kourennyi
2019-08-26Version 1.52 releasedDmitri Kourennyi
2018-09-30v1.51 releasedDmitri Kourennyi
2018-09-12v1.50 releasedDmitri Kourennyi
2018-08-07Rebuild for perl 5.28Dmitri Kourennyi
2018-06-27Catch up on missed releasesDmitri Kourennyi
2017-07-09Initial commit.AUR Archive Bot
PKGBUILD pulled from AUR Archive, and modified for recommended Perl packaging guidelines, as well as using explicit release of feedgnuplot.