AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-07Update to Firefox 57.0rc1Isabell Cowan
2017-11-07fixupIsabell Cowan
2017-11-07fixupIsabell Cowan
2017-11-07Added support for release canidates.Isabell Cowan
2017-11-07Revert "Added zip to makedepends"Isabell Cowan
2017-11-06Updated openSUSE patches to revision 65e317e42eff.Isabell Cowan
2017-11-04Added zip to makedependsIsabell Cowan
2017-11-03Updated to Firefox 57.0b14Isabell Cowan
2017-11-01Updated to Firefox 57.0b13Isabell Cowan
2017-10-28Updated to Firefox 57.0b12Isabell Cowan
2017-10-24Updated to Firefox 57.0b11Isabell Cowan
2017-10-20Updated to Firefox 57.0b10Isabell Cowan
2017-10-17Updated SRCINFOIsabell Cowan
2017-10-17Updated to Firefox 57.0b9Isabell Cowan
2017-10-13Updated to Firefox 57.0b8.Isabell Cowan
2017-10-10Added firefox-beta-i18n optional dependencyIsabell Cowan
2017-10-10Updated to Firefox 57.0b7Isabell Cowan
2017-10-06Updated to Firefox 57.0b6Isabell Cowan
2017-10-06Fixed various typos and spelling errorsIsabell Cowan
2017-10-06Minor build improvements.Isabell Cowan
2017-10-05Bumped to 57.0b5-2Isabell Cowan
2017-10-04Updated URLs, dependencies, and checksums.Isabell Cowan
2017-10-04Updated list of contributors/maintainers.Isabell Cowan
2017-10-04Ported to Firefox 57.0b5Isabell Cowan
2017-09-28adedd patch to fix build errors with the latest glib update and the recent ch...Björn Bidar
2017-08-30urel: added patch for pgo disabled by default for nowBjörn Bidar
2017-08-30missed .SRCINFOBjörn Bidar
2017-08-30upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-08-22upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-08-18upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-08-08upkg, changed the filenames of rosenauers patches to patchrev at the endBjörn Bidar
2017-07-22upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-06-16upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-05-20upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-05-10Fixed sumsBjörn Bidar
2017-05-10upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-04-30urel, icu and cargo fixBjörn Bidar
2017-04-27urel: icu updateBjörn Bidar
2017-04-25upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-04-12Merge branch 'ff52.02'Björn Bidar
2017-04-12upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-03-20upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-03-08upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-02-11urel: reenabled global menu supportBjörn Bidar
2017-01-29upkg, added cargo as makedependBjörn Bidar
2016-12-30urel: new libpng versionBjörn Bidar
2016-12-19upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-12-01upkg, enable e10s by defaultBjörn Bidar
2016-11-16upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-09-25Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://örn Bidar