AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
Many small fixes.
2020-11-18Updates and fixletsTomZ
2020-11-16update srcinfoTomZ
2020-11-16Add archTomZ
2020-08-26Update pkgver to the suggested by packaging guidelinesTomZ
2020-05-27introduce flowee-libsTomZ
2020-04-14fix url in logs.confTomZ
2020-04-13Remove no longer used dependenciesTomZ
2019-11-16updates in dependenciesTomZ
2019-11-05fix makedependsTomZ
2019-05-09Also install the indexer systemd fileTomZ
2019-05-07Ignore the upstream git mirrorTomZ
2019-03-29Make at least compileTomZ
2018-03-22for off to a 'git' packageTomZ
2018-03-09update SRCINFOTomZ
2018-03-08also use api cookieTomZ
2018-03-08Make this actually compile and install Flowee.TomZ
This is a 'git' build.
2017-11-09Reserve the nameTomZ