AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-09Updated to 7.6.21rustymech
2020-05-26make /dev/dri optionalMaxime Gauduin
2020-05-07bump foldingathome to 7.6.13Maxime Gauduin
2020-04-24add clinfo backMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-22sleep for 60 seconds to allow cuda to be detectedMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-22fix the start loopMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-21add clinfo to optdepsMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-21put logs in /var/log/foldingathome and remove GPUs.txtMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-21improve foldingathome-nvidiaMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-21add foldingathome-nvidia.serviceMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-20add /dev/nvidia0 and /dev/nvidiactl to ReadWritePathsMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-19bump to 7.6.9 and add user systemd serviceMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-18wanted by default.targetMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-18aarghMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-18fix for nvidia, and possibly amd, gpusMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17forgot to updpkgsumsMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17chown the whole directoryMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17chown the config instead of copying itMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17add upgrade messageMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17bump to 7.6.8Maxime Gauduin
2020-04-17improve systemd serviceMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17credit jpkottaMaxime Gauduin
2020-04-17don't run as rootMaxime Gauduin
2018-06-10Update to 7.5.1Paul B
2017-05-24cleanupPaul B
2015-11-05Update to 7.4.4-3Paul B
2015-06-18Initial importPaul B