AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-27Make sure build() won't fail if docs are disabledLeorize
2017-01-08Update .SRCINFOLeorize
2017-01-08Test buildLeorize
2016-12-31Avoid the 80th columnLeorize
2016-12-31Move variables to where they should beLeorize
2016-12-31Use install instead of mkdir to avoid umaskLeorize
2016-12-31Quote moreLeorize
2016-12-31Zipman should be decided in makepkg.confLeorize
2016-12-31Update makedeps nameLeorize
2016-12-31Switch to a more consistant quoting schemeLeorize
2016-12-31Remove unused filesLeorize
2016-12-31Documentation builder don't work well with --jobs >1Leorize
2016-12-31Symlinks no moreLeorize
2016-12-31Foolproof way to pkgver()Leorize
2016-12-23Move exporting to package()Leorize
2016-12-23Remove makedeps on "rsync", replace ugly symlinks with FPCSRCDIR, restrict fp...Leorize
2015-11-22Update SRCINFOLeorize
2015-11-22docs buildingLeorize
2015-06-13initial importLe Duc Hieu