AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysDepend on python-pypamtest rather than pam_wrapperTimothy Gu
2 daysRemove stale patches; bumpTimothy Gu
6 daysBump to 1.90.1+10+g52e1245Timothy Gu
10 daysBump to 1.90.1; remove pam_dir.patchTimothy Gu
11 daysBump; add patches for mesonTimothy Gu
2020-01-27Fixup SRCINFOStephen
2020-01-27Fixup building in arch and disable pam tests for nowStephen
2020-01-16Update to latest versionStephen
2019-12-27Update SRCINFOStephen
2019-12-27Update packages based on timothy_gu's suggestions and start tracking fprint m...Stephen
2019-12-04Update version to the correct oneStephen Bird
2019-12-04Initial packageStephen Bird