AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-01-13Update to 1.2.3-1Jonathan Swaelens
2019-01-13[Changed] #8 AUTHORS as been Renamed AUTHORS.mdJonathan Swaelens
2018-05-31Update to 1.2.1-1Jonathan Swaelens
2018-05-31Use the right LicenseJonathan Swaelens
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Swaelens <>
2018-05-31:ambulance: fix(mixedgroups): Compile the mixedgroups pluginJonathan Swaelens
Compile the mixedgroups plugin Signed-off-by: Jonathan Swaelens <>
2017-07-03Update to 1.2-1Swaelens Jonathan
2017-06-06Update to 1.1.1-1Swaelens Jonathan
2017-04-03Update to 1.0.20-1Swaelens Jonathan
2017-02-01Update to 1.0.19-1Swaelens Jonathan
2017-01-16Update to 1.0.18-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-11-28Update to 1.0.17-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-08-23Update to 1.0.15-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-07-15Update to 1.0.14-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-02-19Update to 1.0.12-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-04-08Update to 1.0.11-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-02-19Update to 1.0.10-1Swaelens Jonathan
2016-02-19Fixes #4594 clean themes in packagesSwaelens Jonathan
2016-02-01Update to Jonathan
2016-01-14Update to Jonathan
2015-10-13Update to Jonathan
2015-09-29Update to 1.0.9-1Swaelens Jonathan
2015-09-17Fixes #3926 Initial commit for fusiondirectory-plugin-mixedgroupsSwaelens Jonathan