AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-08-11upgpkg: 4.60, add xdg_config_dirs patchAinola
2018-05-21include python2-google-auth-httplib2-git depAinola
2018-05-21apparently it's not python-utils, it's just the fileAinola
2018-05-21on the road to a functioning current versionAinola
2015-08-18Modified patch to allow OATHFILE, CLIENTSECRETS, and GAMCACHE env varsEthan Schoonover (altercation)
2015-08-18Add patch to allow client secrets and oath2.txt files at arbitrary pathsEthan Schoonover (altercation)
2015-08-18updated package description and dependenciesEthan Schoonover (altercation)
2015-08-18initial commit of new aur package for gamEthan Schoonover (altercation)