AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-22upgpkg: 5.11Brett Cornwall
2020-05-19upgpkg: 5.10Brett Cornwall
2020-05-14update paths patchBrett Cornwall
2020-05-14upgpkg: 5.09Brett Cornwall
2020-05-08upgpkg: 5.08; patch out update checksBrett Cornwall
Reformat xdg_config_dirs.patch to use four spaces now that GAM is getting with the program on PEP8
2020-05-08upgpkg: 5.08Brett Cornwall
2020-05-06upgpkg: 5.07Brett Cornwall
2020-04-21upgpkg: 5.05Brett Cornwall
2020-04-09upgpkg: 5.04Brett Cornwall
2020-03-31upgpkg: 5.03Brett Cornwall
2020-03-30upgpkg: 5.02; file bullshittery; add exec to gamBrett Cornwall
2020-02-28upgpkg: 4.99Brett Cornwall
2020-02-18upgpkg: 4.98Brett Cornwall
2020-01-02upgpkg: 4.97Brett Cornwall
2019-10-23upgpkg: 4.96Brett Cornwall
2019-10-03upgpkg: 4.95Brett Cornwall
2019-09-06upgpkg: 4.94Brett Cornwall
2019-08-17upgpkg: 4.93Brett Cornwall
2019-08-15upgpkg: 4.92Brett Cornwall
2019-08-10upgpkg: 4.91Brett Cornwall
2019-08-03upgpkg: 4.90Brett Cornwall
2019-07-17upgpkg: 4.89Brett Cornwall
2019-07-01upgpk: 4.88Brett Cornwall
2019-05-16upgpkg: 4.85Brett Cornwall
2019-05-10upgpkg: 4.83Brett Cornwall
2019-05-01upgpkg: 4.82, python3 updateBrett Cornwall
2019-04-20upgpkg: 4.72Brett Cornwall
2019-04-16upgpkg: 4.71Brett Cornwall
2019-04-13rm unused client_secrets.patchBrett Cornwall
2019-04-13upgpkg: 4.70Brett Cornwall
2018-11-22add python2-oauth2client depAinola
2018-10-29upgpkg: 4.65Ainola
2018-09-09more pkgbuild improvementsAinola
2018-09-09PKGBUILD improvementsAinola
2018-08-30upgpkg: 4.61Brett Cornwall
2018-08-14add dep for python2-passlibBrett Cornwall
2018-08-13commited a bad patchAinola
2018-08-11upgpkg: 4.60, add xdg_config_dirs patchAinola
2018-05-21include python2-google-auth-httplib2-git depAinola
2018-05-21apparently it's not python-utils, it's just the fileAinola
2018-05-21on the road to a functioning current versionAinola
2015-08-18Modified patch to allow OATHFILE, CLIENTSECRETS, and GAMCACHE env varsEthan Schoonover (altercation)
2015-08-18Add patch to allow client secrets and oath2.txt files at arbitrary pathsEthan Schoonover (altercation)
2015-08-18updated package description and dependenciesEthan Schoonover (altercation)
2015-08-18initial commit of new aur package for gamEthan Schoonover (altercation)