AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-16We still need fix-al.patch...Alex Dewar
2020-01-14Fix build errorAlex Dewar
2019-12-16Fix for OpenAL issueAlex Dewar
2019-10-21Add versions for dependenciesAlex Dewar
2019-07-03Update dependenciesAlex Dewar
Gazebo v10 needs old versions of sdformat and some of the ignition libs
2019-07-03Add maintainer info to PKGBUILDAlex Dewar
2019-04-06v10.1.0Alex Dewar
2019-01-11Fixed Revision CodeGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2019-01-11Bumped Revision NumberGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2019-01-11Fix ChecksumGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2019-01-11Update to 9.6.0Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-11-12Use ogre-1.9.Troy Patrick
Gazebo is packaged for macOS and Ubuntu linking against ogre 1.9. We replicate the dependency here to produce a reliable package (building against ogre 2.11 has been causing some headaches).
2018-10-08Fix OGREGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-10-08Fix src folder nameGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-10-08Fix BoostGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-10-08Fix ChecksumGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-10-08Update 9.4.1Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-10-08Fix AUR GuidelineGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-10-04update to 9.4.1Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-09-08Update to 9.3.1Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-08-06Update to 9.3.0 and Fixed IssuesGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-06-02Version BumpGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-06-02Fix Library CompatabilityGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-02-24Updated ogre-1.10.patchTim Rakowski
2018-02-24Update to 9.0.0Tim Rakowski
2017-12-12Update to 8.2.0Tim Rakowski
* Also backported an upstream patch for tinyxml6 compatibility:
2017-10-16Merge with gazebo-ogre-1.10Tim Rakowski
- Update to 8.1.1 - patched to work with community/ogre-1.10 - removed qt4/qtwebkit dependencies because we work with qt5 and qt5 provides qtwebkit
2017-06-05Updated pkgrel to force rebuild for latest boostmarauder
2017-02-18Update to 8.0.0marauder
2016-11-03Update to 7.4.0Michael Straube
2016-06-01Update to 7.1.0Benjamin Chrétien
2016-03-07Update for ffmpeg dependencyBenjamin Chrétien
2016-02-28Add missing dependency on qtwebkitBenjamin Chrétien
2016-02-06Update minimum version of sdformatBenjamin Chrétien
2016-01-31Add missing dependency on tinyxml2Benjamin Chrétien
2016-01-30Update to version 7.0.0Benjamin Chrétien
2015-12-26Boost update bumpBenjamin Chrétien
2015-12-14Add optional dependency on libspnavBenjamin Chrétien
2015-12-10Update for new ABIBenjamin Chrétien
2015-10-23Bump for Boost updateBenjamin Chrétien
2015-10-16Bump for gdal updateBenjamin Chrétien
2015-08-11Add ignition-math dependencyBenjamin Chrétien
2015-08-10Update to version 6.1.0Benjamin Chrétien
2015-07-01Apply patches for Boost and BulletBenjamin Chrétien
2015-06-09A whole lot of updates.Benjamin Chrétien
2015-02-05Update gazebo.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-11-13Update some packages after Boost update.Benjamin Chrétien
Also add new packages: * arrayfire-git * boost-compute * nodejs-termcolors * rofi-git
2014-10-20the_platinum_searcher: add initial PKGBUILD.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-08-11Update cuda5.5, sdformat and gazebo.Benjamin Chrétien
2014-06-19Add libdart, update gazebo, add gazebo-1.9, etc.Benjamin Chrétien