AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysupdate to 3.38.1-2Taijian
12 daysupdate to 3.38.1Taijian
2020-10-05update to 3.38.0Taijian
2020-08-20try to fix the issue with the last updateTaijian
2020-08-19bring in line with extra/gdm and new pambaseTaijian
2020-07-14update to 3.36.3Taijian
2020-05-05update to 3.36.2Taijian
2020-02-19mirror extra/gdm update to 3.34.1-2Taijian
2019-10-07update to 3.34.1Taijian
2019-09-21add '-p' switch to mkdirTaijian
2019-09-15update to match extra/gdm 3.34.0-2Taijian
2019-03-26update to v3.32.0+2 and bring PKGBUILD in line with extra/gdmTaijian
2018-11-17UPD to v3.20.2Sebastian Lau
2018-09-28UPD to 3.30.1Sebastian Lau
2018-09-20UPD to 3.30.0 (.SRCINFO)Sebastian Lau
2018-09-20UPD to 3.30.0Sebastian Lau
2018-06-28UPD to 3.28.2Sebastian Lau
2018-03-25UPD compiler flagsSebastian Lau
2018-03-25UPD dependenciesSebastian Lau
2018-03-25UPD to 3.28.0Sebastian Lau
2017-11-06UPD to Lau
2017-10-09Correct checksumSebastian Lau
2017-10-07UPD to 3.26.1Sebastian Lau
2017-08-16UPD to 3.24.2Sebastian Lau
2017-05-09Remove unrecognised configure optionsnullptr_t
2017-05-09RM unused build-dependencynullptr_t
2017-05-09UPD to 3.24.1nullptr_t
2017-04-09UPD to 3.24.0Sebastian Lau
2017-03-12UPD to 3.22.3Sebastian Lau
2016-11-27UPD source commit + PKGBUILDSebastian Lau
2016-10-26UPD to 3.22.1Sebastian Lau
2016-10-12UPD to 3.22.0Sebastian Lau
2016-05-18Update to 3.20.1Sebastian Lau
2016-04-17Make gnome-shell dependency less hastySebastian Lau
2016-04-11Add version to gnome-shell dependencySebastian Lau
2016-04-11Update to 3.20.0Sebastian Lau
2015-12-01Update to 3.18.2gS644
2015-10-09Update to 3.18.0gS644
2015-08-10Revert to stable sources from 3.16gS644
2015-07-25Initial importgS644