AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysAdd opt depend for govuk-guixTom Whitwell
6 daysActually fix up the versioning to be *actually* correctTom Whitwell
6 daysUpdate version to add 'r' prefixTom Whitwell
6 daysbuild with `go-pie`, not `go`Tom Whitwell
6 daysUpdate gds-cli to 539.0d39742Concourse
6 daysUpdate gds-cli to 537.b236e25Concourse
6 daysGenerate and install completionsTom Whitwell
7 daysAdd concourse pipeline to auto-build aur packageTom Whitwell
7 daysIgnore dependencies when running make for PKGBUILDTom Whitwell
13 daysAdd makefile to make future-me's life easierTom Whitwell
13 daysfix a flub of the provides flag, plus add gitignoreTom Whitwell
13 daysInitial commit of gds-cli-gitTom Whitwell