AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-01ghostwriter 1.8.0-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2019-01-14ghostwriter 1.7.4-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2018-11-25ghostwriter 1.7.3-2: New release to trigger rebuild with hunspell 1.7Jakob Gahde
2018-09-07ghostwriter 1.7.3-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2018-07-24ghostwriter 1.7.1-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2018-05-17ghostwriter 1.6.2-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2017-06-06ghostwriter 1.5.0-2: fix deps, cleanup provides and conflictsJakob Gahde
2017-06-06commit 402c885a2ff5ca897cc9bb1203b44751abf22426Bastien Traverse
2017-05-17ghostwriter 1.5.0-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2017-01-01ghostwriter 1.4.2-3: pkgrel bump due hunspell update, as per comment by alan1...Jakob Gahde
2016-11-20ghostwriter 1.4.2-2: Various tweaksJakob Gahde
2016-04-09added markdown as a dependency, added hunspell for spell checking as optional...TamCore
2016-03-28ghostwriter-git -> ghostwriterTamCore
2016-03-28initial commitTamCore