AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-18UPD to 2.2.0Sebastian Lau
2018-03-18PATCH .desktop fileSebastian Lau
2018-03-18UPDSebastian Lau
2018-03-18UPD dependenciesSebastian Lau
2018-03-18PATCH .desktop fileSebastian Lau
2018-03-18REVERTSebastian Lau
2018-03-18PATCH non-working java version 9Sebastian Lau
2018-03-09ADD .SRCINFOSebastian Lau
2018-03-09UPD to v2.1.0Sebastian Lau
2017-03-22Don't patch to use python2 instead of python for antSebastian Lau
2017-02-03UPD to 2.0.0Sebastian Lau
2016-04-11Update to 1.12.0Sebastian Lau
2015-08-23Update to 1.11.0gS644
2015-06-09[1.10.0] Really upload current versiongS644
2015-06-09Initial importgS644