AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
27 hours2.3.1Ian Mackay
2019-07-05hodorIan Mackay
2019-07-052.1.0Ian Mackay
2019-06-172.0.4Ian Mackay
2019-06-092.0.3Ian Mackay
2019-04-271.6.6-2: nss and nspr dependsIan Mackay
2019-04-251.6.6 - 2Ian Mackay
2019-04-08Update to 1.6.5Ian Mackay
2019-03-07Update to 1.6.3Ian Mackay
2019-02-221.6.2...Ian Mackay
2019-02-10Update to 1.6.1Ian Mackay
2019-01-20Update to 1.6.0Ian Mackay
2019-01-03Fixes for new packaging + MimeTypesIan Mackay
2018-12-211.5.1Ian Mackay
2018-09-13Update to 1.4.0-linux2Ian MacKay
2018-08-31libcurl issues driving me crazy - this works nowIan MacKay
2018-08-31Bump dependencies until dugite is updatedIan MacKay
2018-08-25Update to 1.3.4Ian MacKay
2018-08-23Updated to 1.3.3 Linux RC and removed unnecessary dependenciesIan MacKay
2018-08-01Fix sha sumsIan MacKay
2018-08-01Fix for .desktop fileIan MacKay
2018-08-01Added filesIan MacKay