AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-08Enable desmume as a desmume2015 alternativeEric Anderson
2020-05-08Bump to 3.36.0Eric Anderson
2020-05-08Update deps based on changing packages availableEric Anderson
bsnes is now very broken with graphical issues and constant crashes.
2019-09-28Bump to 3.34.0Eric Anderson
2019-01-02Bump to 3.30.2Eric Anderson
The dropped cores were considered not yet stable:
2018-10-13Refer to MS-DOS instead of DOSEric Anderson
2018-10-13Fix misspelling of AtariEric Anderson
2018-10-13Fix stella package nameEric Anderson
2018-10-13Add optdepends listing libretro cores supportedEric Anderson
I have only actually tested bsnes, gambatte, and nestopia by loading sample roms.
2018-09-18Restore support for libretro-bsnesEric Anderson
libretro-bsnes-mercury-git may work better, but libretro-bnes seems to work well enough.
2018-09-18Bump to 3.30.0Eric Anderson
2018-08-26Swap to GitHub mirror since GitLab is filtering downloadsEric Anderson
GitLab changed their downloads to no longer include the flatpak directory. I have to believe this is some configuration feature that GitLab provides that gnome-games has recently enabled.
2018-06-05Initial import (3.28.0)Eric Anderson