AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-22v66+141-g908a050-1Nicola Murino
2019-09-20switch to ubuntu dock branchNicola Murino
2019-03-17update to 66-1Nicola Murino
2019-02-22Updated to v65Nicola Murino
2018-08-28Update to 64-1Nicola Murino
2018-04-03Update to 63-1Nicola Murino
2017-12-24Update to version 62Nicola Murino
2017-09-24updated to v61Nicola Murino
2017-07-28propagate upstream updateXZS
2017-07-28propagate upstream updateXZS
2017-04-04propagate upstream updateXZS
2017-03-07propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-11-02choose newest extension sourceXZS
2016-11-02propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-09-22propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-07-20break long linesXZS
2016-07-20improve location metricXZS
2016-04-22fix version comparisonXZS
2016-03-23propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-03-23end grep trickery, it has been bustedXZS
2016-03-23remove mksrcinfo headerXZS
2016-02-19adopt package to collectionXZS
2016-02-19use original imageXZS
2015-12-08add dependency needed for patching upXZS
2015-12-08patch up unreadable imageXZS
2015-07-10initial import from legacy